There is no eternity,lighthouse

to the things we can touch.

There is nothing we can Keep,

in this world.

I fell in love,

and the world faded into silent whispers.

For when I thought that life was dealt unfair and sudden forcing one to become an impatient yet stoical person will attempt to defy nature over nurture.

Finding that neither wield any truth to keeping,

where hope might conquer.

“My second wind,

My dawn from dusk,

It’s different just as it is the same.”

I had only one other thought, 

‘How Much, 

from a man with not much,

can give you.’

Lighthouses warn ships of the treacherous precipices from traveling to near. 

All the while, becoming an ethereal beacon of hope guiding them into familiar lands they may wish to call home.

Forever isn’t long enough, but it’s a good beginning.



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