Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing

bulldozerSome say love is as soft as an easy chair

on which a cranked-up weasel sits snapping at your neck.

I’m not so sure about that, what I do know is that

this day is unlike any other day

but then, all the days will eventually blend into one day

and that day is RIGHT NOW

and THIS day will be featured in your memory

for years to come.

What we are about to witness is a gas.

It’s amusing in the true sense of the world “amusing”

in other words, “to be conducted by the muse.”

To be inspired on the wedding of friends is no small feat.

I feel damaged and dimpled.

My own exploits in the field of love

so failing at times, so thick in its achievements

so tired


of the word “love.”

There’s something beyond that.

there’s a whiplash, smack dab, bonus point

bond that comes from suffering together.

The world is very frightening in 1994

I’m scared. I’m running out of gas.

I’m starting to bob and weave.

I believe I’ve lost my course.

But love comes in so many fabulous forms!

I’m a child in the face of love!

I fawn and purr in the face of love!

I laugh and gasp in the face of love!

Love is the most fabulous thing in the universe!

Love is the reason we all got out of bed this morning.

For love! For love! For lovely love!

For the ever present danger of it all ending!

For the chance Amy and Jordy are taking!

For there never to be uttered again the words

“Did you get a tux yet?”

“Did you really get a single-breasted jacket?”

“Did you write the poem yet?”

Soon we’ll go on with our lives

and Amy and Jordy will go on with theirs.

And one day, not too long from now,

Jordy will pitter-patter across the floor 

in his fleece-lined slippers 

and look Amy straight in the eyes

and they will be immobilized by the sudden

mutual realization that they are blessed by

the love of so many friends.

They will appear,

as they sit on the floor of their

sprawling loft,

to be two deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

They will shudder as though a defensive lineman

had thrown a cooler full of iced Gatorade on their backs.


They will laugh and remember this day.   -Todd Colby