Here is my personal message to all of you careerist, slime bucket, fame seeking, sycophantic, weakworded, same voiced, gladhanding, asskissing, backstabbing, envying, self-serving assholes who are littering the downtown scene in ever increasing numbers while you choke the creativity out of yourselves as you turnoff thousands of potential power of the word lovers by the oxygen you use up on the performing stages of New York City while you make your dull-witted stab toward your myopic fantasy of love, admiration, approval, sex and immortality which you think your 10 minutes of standing in front of a crowd that has long stopped listening to you will confer on your sorry asses.

Stop practicing in public, memorizing your poem wont make up for it being shitty and empty in the first place. Your friends in the poetry scene will not tell you that you suck they are happy you suck  because they are as competitive as you are they’ll keep telling you how great you are as long as you return the favor or until they are more successful than you. Stop whining about not being invited to read at the St. Mark’s poetry Project on New Years Day; it’s a benefit not a career move. Stop whining about what time you are given to read on New Years Day. 9 out of 10 times you don’t even deserve to be reading there. Stop telling us that you will kill yourself if you don’t become famous it is of no interest to us as a matter of fact I want you to kill yourself  if that’s what it takes to get you to stop performing in public and please……..Don’t leave a note.

You have to be willing to be bad for 20 years to be great and there’s no guarantee you will be. Unless you have an intimate relationship with someone, the people who rush to congratulate you as you come offstage are even more desperate than you are. Anyone can kill on stage for six minutes the measure is can you kill for 3 hours? The only thing of value anyone has to offer is their uniqueness and individuality no matter who you are or what you do. Live your life. Notice what you are really thinking about. Write about that. Show us what you don’t want anyone to see. Remember that while art can be product, product can never be art. Take a real risk just once. Judge other artists by the quality of their work not by how nice they are to you.

Read. Listen. Read.Listen.Read Listen

Stop being part of the most illiterate, unread group of poseurs in the long history of poseurs in art. Stop confusing performance poetry with:

Saturday Night Live

Sesame Street

having a good time

a tupperware party

hanging out with your friends

wheel of fortune


your senior prom

The Brady Bunch. -Penny Arcade